Thursday, August 16, 2012

10 Sectors for a Greener Planet

Construction has consequences - let's construct a better world!
  • Construction and buildings take a large toll on global resources and climate.
  • A home or business energy audit can reduce your building's climate footprint and lead to significant savings in energy costs.
  • Shopping around for home improvements or landscaping? Reduce your impact by seeking out low-impact construction and landscaping firms.
  • You can support a resource-efficient Green Economy by taking charge of the buildings in your life. GreenUp!


Seafood is delicious and healthy - but depleting our fish stocks isn't!
  • Overfishing in many parts of the world threatens to deplete future fish stocks. We can avoid this by working now to promote sustainable fishing practices. 
  • Research ecolabels in your area and buy seafood products that have been harvested sustainably.
  • By choosing sustainably harvested seafood, you send a message to producers that you support a Green Economy for fisheries. GreenUp


Forests support livelihoods, societies and cultures, our climate, and a plethora of wildlife and ecosystems.
  • Deforestation accounts for close to 20% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Sustainably managed forests can continue to support communities and ecosystems without damaging environment and climate.
  • Use electronic files to reduce your demand for paper products, and seek out timber and paper products that come from certified sustainable forests.
  • When you support certified sustainable forest products, you support a healthy environment and sustainable livelihoods. GreenUp!


Congestion, pollution, traffic accidents . . . there's a better way!
  • Riding alone in your car isn't just environmentally and economically inefficient, it's lonely!
  • Carpooling or taking public transport reduces environmental impacts and economic costs while strengthening community.
  • Walking or riding a bike for short trips is good for your health - and the environment's, too!
  • When you choose alternative transportation methods, you support a Green Economy in the transport sector. GreenUp!


Use water wisely!
  • Billions of people worldwide lack access to clean drinking water or improved sanitation services - and population growth will worsen the problem.
  • Taking small steps towards wise water use can help conserve this precious resource.
  • Turn off the tap when you're not using it, wait until you have a full load to run your laundry or dishwasher, limit shower time, and don't water your lawn right after a rain.
  • Resource efficiency is key to a Green Economy and water is one of our most important resources. GreenUp!


Use your consumer power to support local, organic and sustainable agriculture!
  • The population is growing! It's time to support sustainable agriculture to ensure our ability to feed EVERYONE.
  • Grow your own veggies, eat in-season, and shop local farmers' markets.
  • When you buy local, organic, and sustainable food products, you send a message to producers that you support a Green Economy for agriculture. GreenUp!

Energy Supply

Our lifestyles demand energy, but is the demand too great on our resources?
  • The current mainstream energy sources - oil, coal, gas, etc. - are not only harmful to health and environment, they're not sustainable in a world of growing energy needs.
  • You can support the development of clean, renewable energy by choosing businesses and products that invest in them - or by investing in them yourself!
  • While we work towards a transition to renewable energy, consider ways to improve your personal energy efficiency. Turn off lights and unplug appliances when you aren't using them. Don't heat your house when no one's home.
  • You can help build a Green Economy by supporting clean, sustainable energy sources and becoming a model of energy efficiency. GreenUp


Tread lightly on your travel destinations.
  • Tourism can be great for local economies, but not if it results in negative environmental and social impacts.
  • The same principles apply to supporting a Green Economy both at home and afar: buy local, travel with others, limit water and energy use, etc.
  • Know before you go: What hotels and travel agencies support ecotourism? How can I limit my impact on sensitive habitats?
  • When you support ecotourism, you help the communities in your travel destinations achieve economic growth without sacrificing environmental and social well-being. GreenUp!


If everything you buy becomes waste, where will we put it all?
  • Throwing something away means losing the chance to reuse materials and can contribute to methane (the most potent greenhouse gas) emissions from landfills.
  • Electronics in particular are only recycled at a rate of 15% globally.
  • Recycling appropriate materials and composting food waste reduces the impact of landfills as well as the demand on our natural resources to produce more materials.
  • Learn about recycling opportunities in your community and support a more resource-efficient Green Economy. GreenUp!

Manufacturing and Industry

It's no big secret that industry and manufacturing have been rough on the environment - but things can change, and you can help!
  • Industry and manufacturing drive employment and economic growth in many countries, but is it worth it to employ someone to pollute?
  • Be a wise consumer - support businesses that have sustainability plans, use ecolabels, and invest in renewable energy.
  • Greenwashing is everywhere! But many companies are sincerely committed to achieving sustainability. Do your homework and ask questions.
  • When you choose a sustainable business over a 'business-as-usual,' you send the message that it's time for industry and manufacturing to transition to a Green Economy. GreenUp!


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